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Troubleshooting Guide for Table Uploads

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2013 10:54AM CDT

If you are having problems uploading an Excel, or .csv file, please check that your file complies with the points below.


1. The column headings must begin in the first column and first row of your spreadsheet.  If your file has any empty rows above the headers, or empty columns to the left of the headers, it will fail.

2. The column headings must match the expected values exactly.  Please download the appropriate sample or template file, to make sure you have the proper order and spelling of the headers.

3. The data in your columns must match the expected types of values.  For instance, if you put text in a 'date' field, or a date in a 'cost' field, the row, or the entire table may fail.

4. Your table must not contain any formulas.  If you used formulas to create your data, be sure to copy the data "as values only" into a new spreadsheet, to remove any formulas. 

5. Make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces in any of the headers or data.  Sometimes, especially when copying data, you will find that some cells contain leading or trailing spaces.  These are hard to see.  To make sure you eliminate all extraneous spaces, use the "Trim" command in Excel.

6. Check to see if you have data in your table that is outside of the main table.  Sometimes you may find that there is data in the cells to the right of the main table, or below the last record.  To make sure there is NO data in these areas, select all columns to the right of the main data, and delete them.  Do the same for all rows below the last record of your table.

7. Avoid using special characters or symbols in your data.  Symbols like <, >, &, !, *, etc... or foreign currency can sometimes cause problems.  If possible, eliminate any special characters from your data.

8. Check your account settings to make sure selected features are turned 'on'.  If the table you are uploading contains data such as cost or unique tag, make sure these features are turned 'on' for your account. To check your account settings, click the "Admin" tab > "Settings" link > under the "Selected Features" section, check the box to the left of the feature cost, unique tag, turn 'On' that feature.

9. Check your Windows regional settings to make sure the list separator is set to 'comma'.  If the file you are uploading opens into one column, ignoring the comma's, it may be due to a difference in your Windows regional settings [Windows Start Button|Control Panel|Regional Settings Applet.  Click on the Formats Tab, Additional Settings Button, then Number Tab and check the List Separator]. Your computer may be set for something other than comma (semicolon).  If you change this, you should be ok. In the USA, we recommend the comma.

10. If none of the above issues are present, try uploading your file again.  There may have been a connection issue, or some other temporary problem that caused the upload to fail.

If none of the above corrects the problem, please e-mail us your file, and we will check it, and make sure it gets loaded. 

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