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Customizing Clearly Inventory with Custom Item Fields

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2013 09:12AM CDT

Custom Item Fields

What are they?

Custom item fields allow you to create and store data concerning the items you have in inventory.  These fields are available when searching for items or viewing reports.  Here's an example.

Let's say you sell widgets.  And the widgets come in different colors like this:

A Green Widget to Demo Custom Item Fields in Clearly Inventory   A Purple Widget to Demo the Custom Item Field Feature of Clearly Inventory  A Pink Widget to Demo the Custom Item Field Feature of Clearly Inventory

If you want to be able to quickly and easily search and view your inventory by color, you'll need to create a custom item field called "color".

Now "Color" will appear in the header of many views, as in the image below:Custom Item Field for Color Appears in Table Header

It's important to note, that these type of fields are for data that will remain consistent for the item.  Custom item fields are NOT to be used for properties that might change over time such as units of measure, condition, or transaction data like P.O. #, or expiration dates, etc...  Those types of data are captured in other parts of the Clearly Inventory app.

You may notice that the color values are available as choices in a "drop down list" (sometimes called a "combo box") which leads us to another aspect of custom item fields.  You can enforce data types.

There are currently six different data types you can set for a custom item field.  They are as follows:
  • Text and Numbers (you can put any value you like in the field)
  • Numbers Only (you can only put a number in the field)
  • Check Box (the field is either true or false, checked or unchecked)
  • Drop Down List (you can populate the field with predetermined values that can be selected from a list of choices.
  • Date and Time (you can enter a date, or use a "date picker" to specify the date.
  • Currency Only (The field will only accept a number that meets the criteria for currency values.  These values will be presented in the currency selected in the "Settings" area of the application.

Where can I set them up?

To set up and configure Custom Item Fields, click on the "Admin" tab > "Customize" link > "Item Fields" link

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