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Upload Multiple Items

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2013 09:14AM CDT
You can upload multiple item records to your account, and put the items in stock later.

To Upload Multiple Items:

1. Click the "Libraries" tab.

2. Click the "Item Library" link.

3. Click the "More" button.

4. Click the "
Upload" link.

5. Click the "Download Sample File" button to download the sample file, populate the data table and save it to your computer. It is very important that you download the sample file and use that as the template to populate your data table. The sample file will have all of the correct column headings and these headings and their positions MUST NOT be altered.

Several columns must be populated with data. These are:
  • Item ID 
  • Item Description (recommended, but not required)
  • Default Location
  • Default Unit of Measure
  • Default Cost (type "0" if you're not tracking cost)
  • Low Qty. Threshold (type the quantity at or below which a reorder alert will be generated, otherwise, type a "-1" if not tracking restock quantities)
  • High Qty. Threshold (type the desired quantity of stock to have on-hand immediately, once an item has been restocked ,otherwise, type a "0" if not tracking restock quantities)
  • Use Unique Tag (type a "1" if tracking serial, batch, or lot numbers, otherwise, type a "0")

6. Click the "Browse" or "Choose File" button to select the file for upload.

7. Click the "Upload File" button. The file will be sent to Clearly Inventory, and you will see the word "Processing" in the "Upload Status" column in the "Transaction Upload Log" table. IMPORTANT: it may take several minutes for your file to get processed. Click the "Check Upload Status" button to check on status of the file upload. You can also be notified by e-mail when the upload is complete.

8. Once your table has processed, the  "Upload Status" column will update. If everything went well, you'll see the word "Complete".  If not, you'll see the word "Error" and an error message. Click the "Errors" link to open the "Transactions Upload Errors" page.  Click the "Download" button, choose "Save File As" or "Save Target As", and you can save the file for viewing and editing. Once you have edited the error file, and delete the last column (labeled "Problem"), follow the above steps 1. - 7.  to upload the corrected file.

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