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Create a New Inventory Record

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2014 02:40PM CST

If you need to increase the quantity of an item in inventory, but no current inventory record already exists, you'll need to create a new record for the increase in quantity.

To Create a New Inventory Record:

1. Click the "
MyInventory" tab.

2. Click the "New Inventory Record" button.

3. Type the Item ID in the "Item ID" field.  This action will auto-populate "Item Description" field for you.

4. Type the Item Group in the "
Item Group" field.  This action will auto-populate "Item Group" field for you (the Item Group field is optional).

5. Type a non-negative quantity for the new inventory record in the "
Quantity" field.

6. Select a unit of measure for the record from the "
Unit of Measure" auto-complete list

7. Select a location where the inventory resides from the "Location" auto-complete list.

8. Type the date that the record was actually added to inventory in the "Date" field. 

9. Type the cost of each unit in stock (not the aggregate cost of the record) in the "
Cost" field. 

10. Select the status of the inventory from the "
Status" drop-down list.

11. If you have created "
Custom Transaction Fields" for your account to be included on increase transactions, type in the corresponding data in the custom data fields. 

12. Click the "
Save & New" button if creating multiple new inventory records.  Click the "Save" button if creating a single new inventory record.

Once you have completed the steps above, you should see the new inventory record on the  "MyInventory" page. ‚Äč

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