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Last Updated: Jan 22, 2016 04:45PM CST
Clearly Inventory comes with standard reports like current inventory levels, inventory activity, and restock lists. You can also create your own custom reports.

To Create a Custom Report:

1. Click the "Reports" tab.

2. Click one of the following links: "Current Inventory", " Inventory Activity",  "Global Restocks", or  "Local Restocks".

3. Click the "Create Report" button.

4. Click the "Select Columns" button to select which columns you want to appear in the report.

5. Click the field to select how many rows per page (20,50, or 100) should be displayed in the report.

6. Click the option button under "Permissions" to select "Show all locations regardless of a user's permissions" and/or "Show all items regardless of a user's permissions" if applicable.

7. Click the "Refresh Data" button to refresh the data in the grid using the current settings.

8. To move columns and sort in the view, click and drag the column headings.

When exporting Report, the system will export the original view state into an Excel format.  If you move columns, sort, or filter, these states are not preserved in the export (but they're pretty easy to do in Excel). So, for customers who want to filter and sort data, and then export into Excel, we recommend that they first export the report 'as is' and then do these kinds of manipulations within Excel.

9. Click the "Save New View" button to save the current report configuration as a new report for others to see.

10. Type the report name in the "
Report Name" field.

11. Type the report description in the "Report Description" field.

12. Click the option button to make the report "
Available to all users" or "Available to selected users". 

13. Click the "Save Report" button.


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