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Add Unique Tags to Inventory Items

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2014 02:59PM CST
Unique tags are used for things like serial, batch, or lot numbers.  Once a unique tag is associated with an item upon adding it to inventory, that association is maintained until the item is removed from stock.  So if you move, or convert an item, this number will follow it around wherever it goes.

Unique tags can be applied when items are added to stock, or after the fact using the transaction "Apply"( Once this is entered, you will not have to enter the unique tag again.

The Unique Tag is turned on at an item-by-item basis.  You can activate it in two ways - one item at a time, or many items at once (

To Add Unique Tags to Inventory Items:

1. Click the "MyInventory" tab.

2. Click the "New Inventory Record" button.

3. Type the Item ID in the "Item ID" field.

4. Type the description of the item in the "
Item Description" field.

5. Type the number of items you're putting in to stock in the "
Quantity" field.

6. Type the unit of measure that applies to the quantity in the "
Unit of Measure" field.

7. Type the name of the location where the item can be found in the "
Location" field.

8. Type the unique tag in the "
Unique Tag" field.

9. Click the "
Save & New" button if creating multiple inventory records with multiple unique tags.  Click the "Save" button if creating a single inventory record with a single unique tag.


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